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This NATO sponsored workshop is designed to strengthen international counter-trafficking cooperation. The workshop promotes high-level interactions between key government and non-governmental players in order to address illicit trafficking in its broadest sense, based on the premise that those involved in smuggling of WMD threat materials are also involved in other forms of smuggling including: alcohol, tobacco, firearms, drugs, pharmaceuticals, counterfeit goods, people trafficking and illicit funds transfers. The workshop is intended to develop and coordinate bilateral and multilateral initiatives to improve detection, deterrence and interdiction of smuggling channels.

The workshop builds on the efforts of the Working group on Illicit Trafficking established at the 2002 International Approaches to Nuclear and Radiological Security (IANRS) Conference sponsored by the US Department of Energy, and co-hosted by the Russian Federation's Ministry of Atomic Energy and the Russian Research Center, the Kurchatov Institute.

The event is by invitation and limited to some 50 participants with representatives from approximately 20 countries.

The contributions of the principal speakers together with related background contributions and findings will be published in hard back by NATO as part of the NATO Science Series.

Illicit Trafficking Workshop Co-Directors:
John W. Wood, Chairman, the Trilateral Group, London, UK
Dr. Evgeny Velikhov, President, the Russian Research Center,
the Kurchatov Institute, Moscow

View the Program online at:

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